TicketCreator 5.10

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Tool to create all types of professional and personal tickets for concerts, fiestas, cinema, etc.

The problem with having an active social life, and enjoying a night out with friends at an event, is often getting hold of tickets. You either have to wait on hold on the phone before buying them with a credit card then waiting for weeks until they arrive in the post, or stand and queue for hours to buy them in person. And what if you are the one holding the event and want to offer tickets yourself? If so then what you need is offered by this program, called TicketCreator 5.0.10. As the name clearly indicates, TicketCreator 5.0.10 is an interesting tool that lets you create all types of professional tickets, giving them a personal touch, whether they are for concerts, fiestas, cinema, invitations, or even season tickets.

TicketCreator 5.0.10 lets you specify the seat number, the rows, use sequential numbers or none at all, and everything done through a standard printer. Obviously if you number the tickets this will keep the audience happy as there will be no fights for seats, no arguments, and everyone arrives knowing where they should be.

TicketCreator 5.0.10 can help you authenticate a ticket by including a barcode that can't be faked, and all you need to check it is a piece of software called BarcodChecker. You can create reservations for advanced bookings, do block and group bookings or print them all out and sell them direct.

TicketCreator 5.0.10 is totally free to download!


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